Sports Betting at the popular 5Dimes sports book

5Dimes Sports book is a dream come true for all sports wagering needs. The site has made its mark in the industry and with more sports and games to bet on than on most other gambling sites, there is no doubt as to why you should bring your business to 5Dimes than go anywhere else.

Wagers, options, and more..
And this is not all. The 5Dimes sports book also features some interesting sports events around the world that you would probably not find anywhere else. European Water Polo anyone? The list of wagers that you can try out at 5Dimes is also much extensive than what you would find anywhere else. The wager types include straight bets, teasers and pleasers, parlays, monsters, if bets, and you can also opt for the ‘rolling if wagering’ option for most pending plays.

Unique betting options
Unlike other sports books, 5Dimes actually offers wagers with low-juice options that make it worth the player’s while to place a bet on this site. In-game betting options that allow for live in-play wagering is also a great feature, which is not available at other sites. And when you are placing your bets you have the option to go with the default wagering option, or try out the new Dynamic Lines wagering interface which is specially designed to make it easy for players to monitor their picks in an easy manner. Add to this the casino’s unmatched customer support and the option to place bets on phone or via Internet and you have all the reasons to make 5Dimes sports book your online book of choice. Sign up at 5Dimes sports book