What are Ignition Poker Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals Like?

Ignition Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

Bitcoin is the recommended method to deposit and withdraw at Ignition Poker and casino. But why should Ignition Poker players use Bitcoin?

In short, Bitcoin is very quick, secure, reliable, anonymous and convenient. And although most of Ignition’s deposit and withdrawal methods are reliable and quick, Bitcoin stands above the rest.

Bitcoin works like an ewallet, but in order to start you need to have some sort of way to fund your Bitcoin account. Bitcoin is a popular method of deposit not only because of its ease of use, but is also getting a lot of attention again because values are increasing. But there are some risks that are associated with Bitcoin as well.

Ignition Poker also gives players incentive to use Bitcoin and it should be considered for that reason alone.

Players depositing in the Ignition Casino will receive bonuses of 25% up to $1000 on every deposit. This is in comparison to 10% up to $1,000 bonuses when depositing with credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Bitcoin is gaining in popularity, many poker players have still not tried out Bitcoin. Here are some of the notable questions have when depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin.

How does Bitcoin generally work?

Bitcoin works a bit like e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill where your funds are kept in a digital bank account to use with a variety of merchants. To find a wallet that works for you, Ignition Casino recommends going to bitcoin.org. Bitcoin can be purchased on Bitcoin exchanges, by person to person or from Bitcoin ATMs.

Below is a tutorial on the basics of Bitcoin.

Are there any fees associated with Bitcoin at Ignition Casino?

This is one of the many great things about Bitcoin. There are no fees charged for making a deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoin at the Ignition Casino. There is a small fee when purchasing Bitcoins on an exchange.

What is the minimum and maximum that you can deposit using Bitcoin?

The minimum deposit with Bitcoin is $1, while the maximum is $5,000 to start. You may be able to increase your limits by contacting customer service.

How do you deposit or withdrawal through Bitcoin at the Ignition Casino?

Once you have you a Bitcoin wallet, you will be able to use the Ignition cashier to initiate your deposits and withdrawals.

How long does it take to receive a Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal?

Assuming you have a Bitcoin account, your deposit will be available immediately. Withdrawals are also very quick, with most being processed within 1 day. You can make a withdrawal every three days from Ignition Casino.

How do you turn Bitcoin into cash?

When you make a deposit with Bitcoin into the Ignition Casino, your Bitcoins are automatically transferred into cash for use at the Ignition poker room and casino. Your withdrawal will be converted back into Bitcoins, allowing you to then transfer your Bitcoins to another merchant or exchange.

What is a Bitcoin Worth Right Now? Are there any risks?

The value of Bitcoin is always fluctuating. In recent months, the digital currency has skyrocketed to over $1750 per Bitcoin, nearly doubling since the beginning of the year. While Bitcoin is in definite upswing over the last years it has shown it can move the other way very quickly. In late 2013, Bitcoin value was near $1,000 but crashed shortly afterwards, ultimately dipping to around $230 before going back up.

Given that Bitcoin is a a highly volatile currency (unlike the US dollar), any time your funds are stored in Bitcoins, you are taking a market risk. As long as you keep that in mind, Bitcoin should serve you well at Ignition.