What You Need to Know About Ignition Poker Check Withdrawals

Ignition Casino poker check withdrawals

In this day and age, checks are a relatively dated way to receive and send funds. But in the wold of online poker, check withdrawals are an excellent way to cashout your funds. While Ignition Poker offers a variety of withdrawal methods, the good old fashioned check is a top choice amongst players for its reliability.

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About Ignition Poker Check Withdrawals

Virtually all Ignition Poker players have the ability to make withdrawals via check. The option is listed in the Ignition Poker cashier as “check by courier.” The minimum amount to withdraw via check is $100 while there is no limit to the maximum that you can withdraw.

Ignition Poker players can request a new check once every 7 days. As far as cashout times go, most players can expect to receive their check within two weeks, although many players report receiving check cashouts within a week. Checks are often delivered by Fedex and require a signature.

Once you receive your check, a preferred way to cash an Ignition Poker check is through your bank’s ATM, but most check-cashing locations will also take the check. In most cases, the check will clear within a few days.

There is a $50 fee if you are making more than one free withdrawal every four months. The first Ignition Poker check withdrawal within the timeframe will be free, so if you can space out your cashouts, you will never have to pay any extra fees.

Positives of Ignition Poker Check Withdrawals

The biggest positive of a check withdrawal is that they are relatively easy. You simply initiate a cashout at Ignition Casino and wait.

You will likely receive your check within a few days, delivered right to your home. Check withdrawals are also good for somewhat large withdrawals, although if you have a very large amount to withdraw, you may be better served by withdrawing by bank wire.

Negatives of Ignition Poker Check Withdrawals

As mentioned, if you are going to make huge withdrawals, bank wire is probably your best bet versus a check. In addition, even though checks are fast, they are not the fastest or most convenient option. That honor would go to Bitcoin. The $50 fee is also annoying if you plan on withdrawing more frequently than every 4 months (the threshold used to be every month).

In addition, occasionally players will have issues cashing checks, given that the check comes from an international bank. It will usually clear, but sometimes tellers will give it an extra look. This is why many players just to deposit through the ATM to avoid the awkwardness. There is the occasional instance where an Ignition Casino check will bounce. If this happens, make sure to contact Ignition Poker customer support informing them and they will issue you a new check.

Final Thoughts

Withdrawing via check is just one of the handful of options you have at Ignition Poker. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up other methods and prefer to stick to this old classic, you can’t really go too wrong when withdrawing by check.

Even though Ignition Poker check withdrawals have been consistent for some time, you may want to refer to the Two Plus Two withdrawal thread for current experiences players are having.

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