Ignition Poker Quick Seat Feature Added

Ignition Poker Launches Quick Seat Feature

The largest online poker room accepting U.S. players has added a new Quick Seat feature to its client, which will enable players to more quickly join cash games at the poker room. The feature is being rolled out to the entire Pai Wang Luo network, so players will also notice the changes on Bodog.

Ignition Poker Quick Seat will replace the standard lobby for cash games while the traditional lobby will continue to be available for Zone Poker and all tournaments.

In addition to Quick Seat changes on the desktop version of the Ignition Poker client, the mobile lobby has also been revamped. Players will now have options for both landscape or portrait view to select their games.

What is Ignition Poker Quick Seat Feature?

Essentially what Quick Seat does is allows Ignition Poker players to quickly join a table that meets set parameters. It’s a feature favored by players who aren’t selective about the tables they wish to play (generally less skilled players) and sometimes criticized by players who join a table based on information that is traditionally provided.

Quick seat is not a new concept. Many online poker sites have been rolled out versions of Quick Seat for quite some time. Although most online poker rooms offer a version of Quick Seat by default, they still allow players the option pf navigating the poker lobby in a traditional way. With the launch of Ignition Poker Quick Seat, cash game players are losing access to table data such as average pot size and players per flop.

While being removed for cash games, average pot size and players per flop stats will still be displayed for Zone Poker tables. The existing lobby for tournaments and sit and gos will remains unchanged.

To some extent, players wont miss choosing tables as much as they would on other sites. Although players will no longer be able to join a table based on a juicy average pot size or high flop percentage, players were previously unable to join tables against their favorite fish. This is due to recreational player friendly policies such as universal Anonymous Tables, no waiting lists and hidden full tables.

How Does Quick Seat Work on Ignition?

By design, the Ignition Poker Quick Seat feature is made easy to use. From the Ignition Poker lobby, you will simply select the game type, limit and number of seats.

On the second page, you will be able to select the stakes you wish to play.

On the final page, you can select the minimum or maximum buy-in to take to the table — or a custom figure. You’ll even be able to choose to wait for the big blind or auto-post your blind. Press the “Take My Seat” button to be seated at a table.

Some other sites offer their quick seat features on one screen, so Ignition Poker’s three unique screens does defeat a bit of the “quick” purpose of the feature. We will also miss the option of choosing a game based on table stats, but this is hardly a ground-breaking move compared to some other Ignition Poker “player-friendly” changes.

Still, many of the reaction on poker forums to this change has not been particularly positive. What it does do is move Ignition Poker closer to the goal of leveling the playing field for all players. This philosophy has benefited Ignition Poker in the past with great success.