Can You Receive Ignition Poker Rakeback after Bovada Poker Migration?

ignition poker rakeback

Ignition Poker is getting a lot of attention lately. That’s because they are about to be the largest online poker room accepting U.S. players. As the largest online poker to allow U.S. players, many are asking if Ignition Poker rakeback will be offered for new and old players. Unfortunately, the short answer is “no.”

By September 30th, all existing Bovada Poker players must migrate their account to Ignition Poker. Due to this impending deadline, existing players should move over their account as soon as possible. New players are able to sign-up directly to Ignition Casino.

Make sure you are ready for the changes and are informed about Ignition Poker rakeback (or the lack of).

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Ignition Poker Rewards Basics

Bovada Poker and the Bodog Network have a long history of offering inferior player rewards compared to many other online poker rooms. While many online poker rooms offer rakeback or have VIP programs that award around 20%-30% rakeback, Ignition Poker offers just a fraction of that.

The primary ongoing reward that is available at Ignition Poker comes from the exchange of Poker Points. They are earned when a contribution to the pot has been made and when it reaches certain levels:

$0.05 – $0.20 = 0.10 Point
$0.25 – $0.45 = 0.25 Point
$0.50 – $0.95 = 0.50 Point
$1.00 – $3.00 = 1 Point

When playing tournaments and sit n gos, Ignition Poker will also award 3 Points for every $1 in buy-in fees.

The Value of Ignition Poker Points

Once Poker Points have been earned, they can be used to purchase select tournament tickets and casino chips. The value of a Point is worth a flat $0.005, regardless of the value of the tournament ticket being purchased. Players will have the opportunity to purchase generic tournament tickets as well as entries to specific tournaments.

The casino chip is worth just over $0.007 per point, a 42% improvement over the standard rate. The downside to buying a casino chip is that players must fulfill a wager requirement of 25x the bonus. This is not an option for many players, as they may not have the time or desire to play in the Ignition casino.

The exchange rate for “Points to Tickets” purchases yields an effective Ignition Poker rakeback rate of 1% to 2%. This is a negligible amount for players who use rakeback to make most of their profits.

The must lucrative reward while playing on Ignition Poker comes from the first deposit bonus. Poker players receive a 100% up to $100 bonus on a first bonus. When clearing that bonus players will earn the equivalent of 5%-20% in Ignition Poker rakeback. The exact rate which is earned depends on the stakes being played. Poker Points are not earned proportionally and are capped at 1 Poker Point when $1 has been raked. For this reason, higher raked pots aren’t worth as much.

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Does Ignition Poker Rakeback Matter?

On the surface the lack of rakeback may appear to be a bad thing, but earning Ignition Poker rakeback is not why players play on the Bodog Network. The fact is that many players can make up the lack of rewards by enjoying much looser games.

The games on Bodog Network are good due to the recreational player friendly mentality the network has had for almost a decade. The Bovada and Bodog sports book has also undoubtedly fed a lot of new money into the games. These players tend to have a lot of money and aren’t the best poker players. It remains to be seen whether these loose games will continue now that Bovada has effectively split their sports book from the Ignition Casino. Bodog will continue to feed players into the network for now so it reasonable to think that the games will continue to be good — for now. As long as players see 30%-40% flop percentages and pot sizes of 15x-20x the big blind, they will continue to be happy.

Why Isn’t Ignition Casino Poker Rakeback Offered?

It’s important to note that when looking at Ignition Poker that they are hardly alone in their lack of rakeback. The entire Bodog Network, which consists of Bodog, Ignition and Bovada until September 30th, has historically been friendly to rewards-minded players. They also instilled a zero-tolerance policy by banning affiliates if they are caught paying players a portion of their commission.

These days, most online poker rooms do not offer flat rakeback, especially the sort that is offered exclusively through affiliates. What makes Ignition unique is that they hardly offer any rewards system at all.

There was a point many years ago when Bodog allowed rakeback ljust ike many other sites who were competing for the highest generating players. That mindset gradually started to erode as the online poker industry stabilized 7 or 8 years ago. Poker sites began to focus more on sustainable games rather than giving out the highest rewards to hardcore players. These players were more likely to win at the tables and withdraw their funds off of the site.

Bodog Network Takes a Hard Line on Player Rewards

The Bodog Network was one of the first sites to add policies which put additional on recreational players. Features such as Anonymous Tables and the removal of waiting lists were revolutionary for its time. Both actions were designed to even the playing field between recreational and skilled players. They also stopped allowing affiliates to offer rakeback to players. When the policy was enacted, they did not replace it with a comparable VIP program.

Many players complained about the policies at first, but Bodog ultimately turned out to be right. The Bodog Network is now the largest U.S. facing poker room. They also have some of the more juicier poker games in the industry. And their view of how the poker ecology is handled is something that has since been emulated by many other online poker rooms.

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