PlanetWin365 Easter Mega Bonus – Up to 365%

PlanetWIn365 Mega Multiple Bonuses

A few times a year the PlanetWin sportsbook offers punters extra bonuses when betting multiples. With the Easter holiday this weekend, PlanetWin is delivering with one of their largest multiple bonuses ever – up to 365%.

PlanetWin Easter Mega Bonus Details

From April 14th at 0:00 CET until April 16th at 23:59 CET, PlanetWin sportsbook customers will receive multiple bonuses of at least 6% when adding three events or more to their betting slip.

Below you will see the PlanetWin365 Multiple Bonus rates this weekend.

PlanetWin365 Multiple Bonuses (Easter 2017)
3 events:4 events:5 events:6 events:
6% extra bonus8% extra bonus10% extra bonus15% extra bonus
7 events:8 events:9 events:10 events:
20% extra bonus25% extra bonus30% extra bonus35% extra bonus
11 events:12 events:13 events:14 events:
40% extra bonus45% extra bonus50% extra bonus60% extra bonus
15 events:16 events:17 events:18 events:
70% extra bonus80% extra bonus90% extra bonus100% extra bonus
19 events:20 events:21 events:22 events:
110% extra bonus120% extra bonus130% extra bonus140% extra bonus
23 events:24 events:25 events:26 events:
150% extra bonus160% extra bonus180% extra bonus200% extra bonus
27 events:28 events:29 events:30 events:
240% extra bonus280% extra bonus320% extra bonus365% extra bonus

To be eligible for these special multiple bonuses rates, you simply need to place your bet during the promotion period. It doesn’t matter when the events are held as long as you make your bet during this bonus period.

PlanetWin365 Multiple Bonuses

If you happen to miss these special multiple rates, that’s fine. PlanetWin offers them during most major international holidays. You’ll also be able to take advantage of ongoing PlanetWin multiple bonuses — just at lower rates.

Regular multiple bonuses rates start at 2% when adding four events to your betting slip and gradually increase to 160% when adding 30 events. During Happy Hours periods each day, you’ll receive bonuses of 3% when adding 3 events, which will gradually increase to 165% for 30 events.

Go to the Planetwin Multiples page for full details on the rates you will receive during designated times.