A Guide to PlanetWin365 Poker Freerolls


PlanetWin365 is most well known for their sportsbook and casino, but they also have a vibrant poker room, offering plentiful game selection, large tournaments and over a dozen daily freerolls for players to join. PlanetWin365 Poker freerolls are an excellent way to play real money online poker without risking any of your own funds.

Players taking advantage of freerolls at PlanetWin365 are given plenty of options in a diverse selection of freerolls.

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Freerolls Explained

Freerolls are multi-table tournaments offered by poker rooms that are free to enter but with cash prizes awarded to top finishers. Because real money is at stake, freerolls provide the competition of a real money tournament without actually having to put any of your own money at risk. So you get the best of both worlds — no risk to you while getting to play a competitive game without chips being thrown around wildly, such is the case at play money games.

Prize pools for most freerolls aren’t extremely high, but there are variations on entry requirements for some freerolls that allow for increased prize pools and a smaller number of entries.

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Types of PlanetWin Freerolls

At PlanetWin, four types of freerolls are geberakkt offered: free entry, play requirement, depositor freerolls and freeroll satellites. Occasionally during special promotions periods, PlanetWin will add even more freerolls to their lineup.

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Free Entry Freerolls: These freerolls are available to players with very minimal entry requirements, often available to players with just a active PlanetWin365 account. Because there are no restrictions to enter these events, over a thousands players can be seen entering these events, which can make finishing in the money difficult.

Most of PlanetWin’s free entry freerolls have 20 euro prize pools. They are available in the follow variations: No Limit Hold’em, Flip Out, Telesina, Fixed Limit Hold’em, 32 Card Draw, Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha, Pot Limit.

Most of these freerolls are labeled as “€20 (game) Freeroll.” There are also some €12 freerolls available at PlanetWin that are absolutely free to enter.

Freerolls with Play Requirement:

These are freerolls that require you play at the PlanetWin365 tables before you can enter. The requirement for entry is often low and is meant to encourage players to have money into their account and play at the cash tables. The biggest upside of these tournaments is that the entry requirement filters out a lot of players, so the fields are much smaller — leading to more valuable freerolls.

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Some of the most common daily freerolls at PlanetWin that require cash game play include the following:

Challenge Freerolls

Challenge Freerolls have variable prize pools ranging from €30 to €250 and require players to play 30-100 raked hands at a specific game in the previous 24 hours. There are usually 2 or 3 Challenge Freerolls offered each day.
€10 Freerolls These freerolls require 1 raked hand at the cash tables within 2 hours of the start of the tournament. The €10 freerolls are among the most common freerolls at PlanetWin.

Depositor Freerolls:

PlanetWin’s deposit freerolls require make a deposit or transfer to the PlanetWin365 poker room.

The most common depositor freeroll is the €365 New Depositor Freeroll for new players making their first deposit within 14 days of activating their PlanetWin poker account. The New Depositor Freeroll is among the most valuable freeroll offered to players. If you are a new player and like to play tournaments, you should seriously consider entering this event.

Freeroll Satellites:

Freeroll satellites are freerolls that feed into large tournaments. Many of PlanetWin365’s freeroll satellites require players to play a certain number of raked hands at the cash tables.

PlanetWin’s €100,000 Freeroll Satellites feed into the popular weekly €100,000 guaranteed tournament. Sub satellites are free to enter while direct satellite freerolls require players to play at least 1 raked hand in the two hours before the tournament.

But that’s not all – here are some additional freerolls that PlanetWin players can enter:

€1,000 Second Chance Freeroll – Weekly tournament available to players that have lost at least €15 at the cash game tables during the previous week.
€10 Mobile Freerolls – Freerolls running multiple times daily that require players to play on the mobile version of PlanetWin poker.
VIP Freerolls

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Finding PlanetWin365 Poker Frerolls

PlanetWin’s poker freerolls are easy to find and sort from the PlanetWin client.

Once signed in, navigate to “Tournaments.” Once in the tournament section, you will need to filter by Freeroll in the “Buy-in” drop down box, which will only display freerolls. You will then be able to sort by date, games, limit, state of the tournament (whether it’s running, finished etc) and the number of players who have registered for the tournament.


Unfortunately, once you have the freerolls, up there is no way to view any additional entry reqiurements. To do this you will need to click on the tournament to bring it up. Under the description, you should see entry requirements, if there are any.


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