A Look at MyScore365, A Stats Service from PlanetWin365

PlanetWin365 MyScore365 statistics service

PlanetWin365 is not just a place to make all your sports bets. They also offer a product called MyScore365, which allows players a large selection of information to make better decisions when making their bets. The parent company of PlanetWin365 and MyScore, SKS365, says that this is a must-have app for sports bettors.

Let’s take a look at MyScore365 at what it can offer sports bettors.

MyScore Details

Not only is MyScore is a valueable place for statistics, it’s also a place where you can get results, commentary, head to head breakdowns, player stats and more. It a service that is useful to punters before the game starts and while the gaming is going on for in-play betting decisions.

Past performance isn’t necessarily indicative of future results but knowing what has happened in the past can help you make better decisions about your betting. The head to head feature gives players comprehensive stats so you can see how teams have performed against each other.

In addition to information on head to head matchups, you can find helpful information on goal stats as well. So whether you want to place a bet on goal-focused betting lines you can reference goal stats to help you in your decision.

MyScore365 has a focus on football, but punters can also find comprehensive states for basketball, tennis, ice hockey, handball, baseball, floorball, motorsports, rubgy, Assie rules football and a handful of other sports.

There could be better resources on the internet but if you are a PlanetWin365 sports bettor, the service is definitely worth a look.

Accessing MyScore365

The website is not directly available at PlanetWin365. If you want to see what MyScore365 can offer you, it can be accessed from MyScore365.com.

We would like to see an app from MyScore, especially for those on the go. For now, users will instead have to settle for the website non-mobile optimized version at this time.

What Does MyScore365 Look Like

MyScore365 is available for many sports. Here is the a sneak preview of the Teams tab:

Recent head to head matches can be very valuable when trying to handicap the result of the game you are betting on.

Here you can sort by popular leagues to find the games, events and matches that you are looking for.

Detailed over/under information can help you make specific decisions on your over/under wagers.