Betting Mayweather McGregor On PlanetWin365

Floyd Mayweather Conor Mcgregor

The Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor fight is shaping up to be the most widely anticipated fight in recent memory. In Mayweather versus McGregor — a match that will be held at 23:00 GMT on Saturday — Mayweather remains the overwhelming favorite but there are clearly enough believers out there who have faith in McGregor to keep things interesting on Saturday.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the PlanetWin365 sportsbook over the next day heading into Saturday night.

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Mayweather McGregor Betting Lines Up at PlanetWin365

The hyped event has brought a lot of discussion about who will win – a subject that has been hotly debated. Here we break-down the various lines currently posted at the PlanetWin365 sportsbook. The betting market is listed on the PlanetWin365 sportsbook:

1044 04:00 (1) Floyd Mayweather Jr (USA) – (2) Conor McGregor (IRL)

1×2 Betting Lines
1 (Mayweather Wins): 1.25
x (Draw): 36.00
2 (McGregor Wins): 3.95
1xDC (Mayweather Wins OR Match Draws): 1.20
x2DC (McGregor Wins OR Match Draws): 3.55

X HNB (Match will end in Draw, No Bet with Mayweather win): 7.20

1 DNB: (Mayweather Wins or No Bet with Draw): 1.21
2 DNB: (McGregor Wins or No Bet with Draw): 3.84

x ANB (Draw or No Bet with McGregor Win): 26.88

These lines are changing by the minute so be sure to check the PlanetWin365 sportsbook for the latest Mayweather McGregor betting lines.

Although they are not posted yet, it is likely that PlanetWin365 will add livebetting for the match on Saturday. Find these betting lines on Saturday by going to the LiveBetting” section at PlanetWin365.

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Finding PlanetWin365 Mayweather – McGregor Betting lines

You can find and bet Mayweather – McGregor betting lines by following these steps in the PlanetWin365 sportsbook.

1) Go to the PlanetWin365 sportsbook

2) Click on “Boxing and Fighting” from the left navigation menu.

3) Then select the “Super Welterweight” division.

4) You will be able to to them choose from the available betting lines under the following market:
Floyd Mayweather Jr (USA) – Conor McGregor (IRL)

Floyd Mayweather Colin McGregor Fight on PlanetWin365

Good luck – it’s sure to be great night of fighting excitement.

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