Earning PlanetWin365 Rakeback through the Poker VIP Program

Planetwin365 has some of the most beatable games in online poker. Still, the online poker game as a whole is arguably more difficult than it has been during than at any point since the poker boom began in 2003. Players are winning less and look for ways to increase their earn rate, such as earning Planetwin365 rakeback through the VIP program.

Rackback is important to players because it makes small losing and break-even players into winning players. It also allows losing players to lose less – effectively making the all-important online poker dollar stretch further. Earning the extra dollars through perks such as Planetwin365 rakeback and cashback has proven to be vital to today’s players.

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What is Rakeback?

Most experienced players are very familiar with this long-standing rewards system, but we’ll briefly go over the basics for those that may not be familiar.

First to understand rake, we must know what rake is. Rake is a small fee, usually around 5%, taken from each real money pot that the poker room charges to operate the game. So rakeback is loosely defined as when a player receives a percentage of the rake they generate as some form of monetary reward.

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Rakeback can take on many forms, such as a cash payment, but it can be any money that is returned back to the player as compensation for their real money activity. These days, rakeback is usually paid through the participation in VIP programs and other promotions.

A poker room’s VIP program is generally responsible for the most consistent and most significant form of rakeback. This is the case for Planetwin365 rakeback as well, where players effectively receive the equivalent of up to 25% of the rake they generate.

What this means in practice is that if you generate $100 in rake, a player can receive $25 of that amount when they actively participate in the perks of the VIP program.

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How Does the Planetwin365 VIP Program Work?

At its most simplistic level, when you play at real money tables and tournaments you will be generating rake. At Planetwin365, you will earn FPPs at a rate that is proportional to the rake you are generating — 2 FPPs for each €1 in generated rake.

You can then use these points that are generated to exchange for cash rewards. As you move up in VIP status levels, the rate at which you exchange your points, goes down. This means that the more you play, the larger percentage of rakeback that will be earned when exchanging points in the store. Players can also exchange points for tournament tickets and live tournament tickets.

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VPPs are used to determine status level while FPPs are used for exchanging of points. Players will earn 100 VPPs and 2 FPPs for each €1 in rake.

Planetwin365 VIP Program Levels

The VIP program consists of 4 monthly membership levels (named with a military theme of Soldier, Sergeant, Marshall and Captain) and 2 annual levels (Colonel and General). Your status level is determined by the number of points that you earn on either a monthly or yearly time, if applicable).

Getting to specifics, the VIP program looks like this:

Tier VPP Max Reward €1 bonus = FPP Bonus %
Soldier 0/mo €5 20 FPP 8.5%
Sergeant 6,000/mo (€60) €40 10 FPP 13.5%
Marshal 30,000/mo (€300) €120 8 FPP 25%
Captain 80,000/mo (€800) €300 8 FPP 25%
Colonel 960,000/yr (€9,600) €1,250 8 FPP 25%
General 2,400,00/yr (€24,000) €2,500 8 FPP 25%

As you can see, the requirement for each status level goes up, but the maximum reward you can receive and the bonus exchange (and rakeback %) also goes up.

We come up with 25% rakeback rate by using a simple formula. A Marshall player can exchange points at a rate of 8 FPPs per €1. Because it takes €4 euros in rake to receive that €1 euro, we can quickly tell we will receive the equivalent of 25% (€1/€4).

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Still confused? Watch this promotional video from Planetwin365 breaking down the basics of the VIP program: