Keeping up with PlanetWin365 News

Planetwin365 Twitter and Facebook

PlanetWin365 customer service is an great resource if you have any problems with your account or have general questions about PlanetWin365.

We love PlanetWin, but it can be difficult to find what’s going on at the popular online sportsbook. But as a player, how do you keep up with what is going on at PlanetWin365?

Below are some of the best ways to keep up with our favorite sportsbook, PlanetWin365.

PlanetWin365 Website

Both the and websites are probably the most comprehensive resources for PlanetWin365 information. Of course, you probably already know that if you are a sports bettor or play at the PlanetWin365 casino — since you have to go to the website to play. But even if you are just a poker player, be sure to make a point to check out the website from time to time for the latest from PW365.

On the website, you will find an excellent resource for new features, new games and various promotions that are offered. And if you are an Italian player, the information on is very good.

PlanetWin365 newsletter

As a PlanetWin365 player, its also a good idea to make sure you are receiving PlanetWin365 emails and newsletters. Make sure to add PlanetWin365 to your safe sender list so you will receive all correspondence.

PlanetWin365 Facebook

By far the largest online social media presence is the Planetwin365 Italian Facebook page, with over 51,000 likes. While the page is in Italian it may given you some information on what is happening elsewhere.

PlanetWin Tunisia also has a large following, with over 26,000 likes. The downside – PlanetWin365 Tunisia does not update the page very often.

A more non-English PlanetWin page is also available here.

PlanetWin365 is also home to popular brick and mortar locations in Italy. Some of these betting shops have Facebook pages that you can visit. Some of the individual sportsbooks even Facebook pages with large followings, but these pages will have little use to players who play exclusively online

PlanetWin365 Twitter

For Twitter, the main PlanetWin365 Twitter pages has moved and has not been available since 2014. In its place, PlanetWin365 now offers language specific accounts for Itaian, English and Russian.

The good thing about the PlanetWin365 Twitter pages is that they are kept up to date regularly.

PlanetWin365 YouTube

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, PlanetWin365 also has a YouTube presence. And although there is not a huge influx of new videos that are added, there is some good general information that you

Outside of the PlanetWin365 videos, you will also be able to find videos on PlanetWin slots as well.

A shameless plug for this website. In our opinion, is one of the best resources on a comprehensive amount of subjects related to PlanetWin365.

Whether it’s the in-depth PlanetWin365 review or just the latest happening with PlanetWin, you’ll be able to kept informed.