A Look at the Decimal PlanetWin Betting Odds Format


There are multiple ways that online sportsbooks choose to display their betting lines to players. The main betting odds that you will run into are decimal, fractional and American odds. The PlanetWin sportsbook displays their thousands of daily lines in the decimal odd format.

Each of the different formats has its fans and a lot of how you feel about how betting lines are displayed depend on what you are most familiar with. Many punters believe that decimal lines are the easiest to understand once you get over the learning curve.

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The Differences Between Betting Odds Types

In order to understand betting lines at PlanetWin365, its beneficial for a sports bettor to familiarize themselves with all the major betting line formats as you will never know when you will encounter the different formats.

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Decimal Odds ā€“ More commonly used online, decimal odds are becoming the most popular method to display odds to players around the world. Decimal odds are widely used by players due to their ease of determining the value of the bet relative to other bets. To figure how out much a bet would pay using decimal odds you simply need to multiply your stake by the odds. Betting $10 with 7.5 odds. That bet would return $75.

American Odds ā€“ American odds are represented with a negative or positive number. On a negative number bet, that is the amount you must wager to win $100. If you bet on a positive number bet, that is the amount you will win if you bet $100. For example, if you make a bet on line that is -200, you would need to bet $200 to win $100 ($300 paid if you win). Alternatively, if you make a $100 bet on a line that is +700, you would receive $800 ($700 + the original $100 bet).

Fractional Odds ā€“ As the name suggests, fractional odds are simply the odds represented as a fraction (such as 7/1). This system of displaying odds is most popular in the UK. Frational odds are relatively straight forward with common fractions (for example, 2/1), but can become a bit more cumbersome when you get into fractions such as 13/7 and 7/3, where it is not always intuitively analyzed. To determine your winnings on a bet with say, 8:1 odds, you would multiply your bet by $8. So if you bet $10, you would receive $80 in winnings (on top of your $10 bet for a total of $90).

If you are from European sportsbettor, it is wise to earn how decimal odds work as many sportsbooks use this format to set their lines. If that doesnā€™t work for you, there are many betting line converters that you can utilize into a format you can understand until you get the hang of it.

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PlanetWin365 Betting Odds are Decimal

As was stated earlier, when making wagers on the PlanetWin sportsbook you will only need to familiarize yourself with decimal odds. You will be able to make simple calculations as you place your bet and quickly be able to understand the value of one bet versus another.

If you see a 1.50 line, you can quickly tell that you will receive $5 in winnings from a $10 bet for a total of $15 ($10*1.5). If that number increases to 1.75, you can expect a return of $17.50. At 2.00, you have essentially an even money bet (50/50) when not considering the juice. Your $10 bet would now be $20.

The same 1.50 line would be expressed as -200 in American odds and 1:2 in Decimal odds. To somebody unfamiliar with lines, it is generally more intuitive to use decimal lines versus the alternatives.

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