One Punter Will Receive €100,000 Prize for Hitting Longshot sportsbetting promotion

Italian PlanetWin365 sportsbettors have the opportunity to take advantage of a one of a kind promotion called Hunt the Quota, where one lucky player can earn a life changing prize. Until January 6th, one user will be able to receive €100,000 who wins his bet with the longest odds during the promotion period.

This promotion is available to all PlanetWin365 Italian customers, whether its online or betting shops throughout Italy.

How to take advantage of Hunt the Quota

This one of a kind offer will be available to all planetwin365 Italian users of the sportsbook – whether it is online or through PlanetWin365’s many Italian betting shops.

The player who wins the largest single or multiple bets with the highest odds will be eligible to receive the large bonus.

If you are the lucky player to have a result higher than all other PlanetWin365 players, you have a €100,000 bonus awarded directly to your account. Check the sportsbook for the latest lines and build your betting ticket to try to take a stab at this potentially lucrative promotion.

To give you an idea of the types of wager you will need to hit to win this promotion, we can take a look at the current winning bet. A user earlier this week added eight events (all from Champions League) round. The punter adds a combo, final outcome an over/unders to his bet slip to create a multiple. His €689.14 wager yielded a win of €1,585.

Make sure to double check the terms and conditions before taking advantage of this offer.

What to do if you are the lucky winner

If you are the lucky sports bettor who takes down the offer, your prize will be credited with a €100,000 bonus. You will be able to use the bonus for 180 days, where you will be able to withdraw the proceeds from the bonus.