PlanetWin 365 Football Betting: Main Betting Types

The PlanetWin 365 sportsbook offers up to 700 betting types for a single match. That’s great because it gives punters the freedom to bet on whatever they want, whenever they want.

But seeing terms like 1×2 and O/U can turn you away just as fast as your interest brings you to online sports betting. The sheer volume of bets available at the PlanetWin365 sportsbook can cause significant confusion for somebody just getting started.

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Fortunately, once you get the hang of the terminology used and where to locate your favorite betting lines navigating the PlanetWin sportsbook will come naturally. But when you join PlanetWin 365, it’s best to start simple and work your way up to more complicated bets when you become more comfortable.

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PlanetWin 365 Sportsbook Main Football Bets

Since we are in the heart of football season, we will head on over to the “soccer” section of the PlanetWin sports betting lines and check out some English Premier League football matches. Once we have located “soccer” amongst the list of sports, we will see a page that looks like this, which lists all the matches for the next week or so:

Planetwin 365 betting lines for English premier league.

The betting lines default to what PlanetWin 365 refers to as “Main” bets — essentially the most popular wagers for punters. If you are just getting started or not familiar with the book, this is probably where you want to start. For each match, you will see 12 columns of different bets that you can be made. Although possibly overwhelming to a novice, you will quickly get the hang of these numbers and the various bets that are offered at PlanetWin

The betting section under the “Main” category can be divided into the following types of bets.

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The simplest type of bet. For these bets you merely have to pick the winner of the match. “1” signifies the odds on the home team, “X” is a wager on the match finishing in a draw and “2” are the odds for the away team to win the match. For the Crystal Palace/QPR match listed above we see the betting lines in the European decimal format at 1.78 (1), 3.60 (x) and 4.97 (2), respectively. This means that a $1 bet would yield $1.78 for team 1 to win ($0.78 profit), $3.60 for a draw and $4.97 for team 2 to win.


DC stands for “Double Chance” and will allow you to put money on two different outcomes. Think of the bet as a “OR” scenario bet. For example, in a “1xDC” bet you are wagering that the home team will either win OR draw. In “12DC” you are betting that one of the teams will win, i.e. that there will be no draw. For a X2DC bet, you are betting the away team will win or there will be a draw.

O/U 2.5 FT

O/U stands for “Over/Under” and is a common bet type on whether the total score will be above or below a certain number. In the O/U 2.5 FT bets, you are betting whether the total score will be 2.5 or less, generally the average number of goals scored in a soccer match.


With GG/NG bets in soccer, you are betting on whether both teams will score (GG) or whether at least one team will not score (NG) in the match.


In a “Draw No Bet” match, punters can bet odds on a specific team winning the match. If the match finishes in a draw, the bet will be refunded. This type of bet is different than a 1×2, because in a 1×2, the wager would lose in the event of a draw. This is a good way to “insure” against a draw outcome, but does come at a price in the form of lower odds.

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PlanetWin 365 Sportsbook Review

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