Why Are PlanetWin 365 Poker Games So Good? Sports!

Online poker in 2015 is a much tougher game that it was ten years ago. But If you have headed to the PlanetWin 365 poker games lately, you may have noticed that the tables at this site are looser than other online poker rooms such as PokerStars. There are a variety of factors at play to what makes an online poker site have good games. The location of players, poker room size, promotions offered and third party software support are some common causes, but you may be surprised at one of the biggest reasons these games are good –- sports betting.

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What does it mean to have a good poker game?

By “good” quality of games we are referring to games or tables that essentially have a more favorable ratio of recreational players to highly skilled players (lets put aside for a moment that some pros are better at exploiting more seasoned players than unpredictable new players). In a healthy online poker ecosystem, it is important to have a good balance of new money coming into the poker room.

If a poker room is dominated by skilled players the games are usually poor and as a result the money of recreational players doesn’t last very long.

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Sharks vs Fish

Let’s look at the classic poker metaphor. Imagine a pool of sharks in a swimming pool – throw in a fish or two and see how fast the sharks devour those fish. It won’t take long before those fish are gone – wounded or killed off, frustrated by the rapid departure of their funds, possibly never to deposit again. And they tell their friends, exasperated the issue. Pretty soon the sharks realize they are just up against other sharks and without any new liquidity entering the games, traffic starts to slow and games ultimately dry up.

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Are Planetwin Poker Games better because of the PlanetWin 365 Sportsbook?

While we can’t know for sure if the Planetwin and Hive network sportsbooks contribute to the great games, many players believe the sports book phenomenon is quite real and there is some common sense logic to back it up. Online poker rooms that are tied to sportsbooks, especially those that are dominated by sports books have a tendency to attract a great number of recreational players, have larger pots and a result have better quality of games than poker rooms of equal size that do not have much of a non-poker presence.

The poker ecology issue is big problem in the online poker world and some poker rooms have taken drastic steps to try to minimize the impact of recreational player shortage by instituting policies that are more friendly to the casual player.

Some poker rooms such as PlanetWin, which makes their home on the Hive Network, have been more immune to the recreational player issues in part because of a healthy mix of non-poker products (like the PlanetWin casino, Planetwin 365 sportsbook). These websites that are more sports book-focused that naturally have more customers that are sports bettors. Many of these sportsbettors and casino players ultimately make their way over to the poker games.

This fosters a scenario where you have a healthy supply of well-bankrolled sports bettors (winning and losing, perhaps) that like to spread some of their gambling dolalrs at the online poker tables. Less skilled than regular players, they bring in a lot of liquidity but not always a proficiency or expertise for the online poker game. Some of them are obviously good players but a fair number do not care – they just want a bit of gamble and maybe experience the social environment that online poker does so well at providing.

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Final Thoughts

Are the PlanetWin 365 poker games better to play than the average online poker site. Anecdotally, we think so but don’t let us be the final judge. Check out the Planetwin 365 poker tables and see for yourself. Make sure to use the 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB code when registering to get any special promotions.