Planetwin365 Bad Beat Jackpot Pays Without Extra Fees


The PlanetWin365 Bad Beat Jackpot is one of player’s best opportunities to win a big prize at the poker tables. On some days, prizes may pay over €1000, with progressive jackpots increasing even higher if a winner is not crowned on a particular day. To qualify, sit down at one of PlanetWin365’s special Daily Jackpot tables. Bad beats are not a common occurrence, but at Planetwin365, they usually reward one a day.

Planetwin Bad Beat Jackpot, available here — Use the 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB code when registering.

Planetwin365’s Daily Jackpot tables are open to all players. Unlike many other Bad Beat Jackpots offered by other poker rooms, there is no extra fee, or rake, charged at the table. That means that the entire Bad Beat Jackpot is 100% added value. And if you are one of those players who only join the Bad Beat tables when they are the most lucrative, your expected value will be even greater.

No extra rake for Planetwin365 Bad Beat Jackpot tables — Enter 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB as code.

Qualifying for a Bad Beat Jackpot

A Bad Beat promotion exists as a way for players to have the opportunity to score a big prize. It’s also a way to ease the “pain” of losing a big hand to another big hand. Because losing with very big poker hands is very rare, hitting a bad beat jackpot is also very rare.

But Bad Beats are a bit different at Planetwin 365. Instead of a progressive prize that is awarded for when a player loses with a big hand, Planetwin will simply award a prize to the largest hand of the day. This means at least one winner a day – as long as the biggest losing hand is at least a straight for the day (it usually is).

Somebody has got to hit them, so you could be the next one. Many poker players who play a lot of hands are part of a bad beat jackpot table at least once in their poker career, maybe the next one is you. And with one bad beat per day at Planetwin, it might be easier than you think.

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How to Find the Planetwin365 Bad Beat Jackpot Tables

The Bad Beat Jackpot tables are available in the cash game Hold’em lobby and called “Daily Jackpot (no extra fee)” tables. The games are available at stakes starting at €0.05/€0.10, but are also available at €0.10/€0.25, €0.50/€1.00. The five-seat tables require a minimum of 30 big blinds and restrict the maximum buy-in to 100 big blinds. If a bad beat jackpot is won at lower stakes, Planetwin365 provides some flexibility and awards a prize, but only half of what is allocated.

Register here to join Daily Jackpot tables — Use the 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB code when registering.

To find the current bad beat jackpot, keep an eye on the top right hand corner of the Planetwin365 poker software. You can see the prize and the current best hand, as represented here:


Additional Terms of the Planetwin Bad Beat Jackpot

There are a few other general terms and conditions that are applicable to qualify for Bad Beat prize on Planetwin365.

• The losing hand must be at least a straight. Generally speaking, hands are going to be higher than this. To win for a given day, you are probably going to have to lose with at least a full house.
• Hand must go to a showdown. You see this term a lot in Bad Beat Jackpot qualifications. If there are two strong hands together, there is a lot of money going into the pot and nobody is folding!
• Both hole cards must be used for both hands. This term is placed in to incrase the rarity of the Bad Beat Jackpot, which would occur much more if the player only used one more hole card.
• Three or more players must be dealt cards. This to avoid players who are playing shorthanded to be dealt more cards.

In the event a jackpot is not won on a particular day it will roll over to the next day.

If you like a Bad Beat Jackpot that pays more often, doesn’t charge extra fees but you are ok with the progressive jackpots not reaching ridiculous heights, the Daily Jackpot may be just what you are looking for.

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