What are PlanetWin365 Betting Shops Like?

Planetwin365 betting shops

PlanetWin365 has gained widespread popularity across the world and in newly regulated markets over the last few years. But one spot where PlaneWin365 is also making a name for themselves is their brick and mortar betting shops. With over 2000 betting shops across Europe, PlanetWin365 is also becoming a place for your local betting needs.

PlanetWin now offers 2000 betting shops across Europe with an astonishing 500 million bets placed with Planetwin365 since 2009. PlanetWin365 partners with local retail partners with company owned betting shops. There are now PlanetWin365 betting shops in five countries including Austria, Italy, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro. In these countries, the parent company of PlanetWin365, SKS365, holds licenses to operate through each country’s regulations.

It 2016, PlanetWin365 partnered with Global Bet to begin to bring virtual sports betting to launch 1,000 PlanetWin365 Italiano betting shops. The brand expansion has also lead to come explosive growth at the PlanetWin365.it sportsbook, poker room and casino. PlanetWin365 also has strong brand presence in Serbia.

A Look at PlanetWin365 Betting Shops

As the PlanetWin365 name suggests, these locations are often available every day of the year.

What is a betting shop? A betting shop is usually a local shop that allows you to place sports wagers on sporting event. These shops are usually not located in a casino but are more often located in retail areas and shopping areas. They are regulated by the local or country government.

Although PlanetWin365 shops can vary from location to location, here are a few images of what you can expect when you walk into a betting shops:

PlanetWin365 betting shops

A PlanetWin365 betting terminal where you can place your wagers on thousands of betting lines, available in some PlanetWin365 shops.

The best way to find a local PlanetWin365 betting shop is through local listings. Some can be found via a directory versus Google Maps. Unfortunately, PlanetWin365 doesn’t seem to provide an easy to use resource of where the brick and mortar betting shops are located.

Features of PlanetWin365 Betting Shops

The PlanetWin365 betting shops allows customers easy access and in-person wagering on PlanetWin365 sports betting lines. Shops are complete with a cash desk, live betting lines as well as a selection of screens for betting lines and watching the action and betting terminals.

Support is also available through the betting shops where customers can not only easily wager on the action but also comfortably watch the action.