PlanetWin365 Increases Multiple Bet Bonuses

PlanetWin365 Multiples Increase

PlanetWin365 has increased the size of their multiple bonuses when adding 5 or more bets to your bet slip. Instead of a 160% cap during standard promotion periods, Planetwin365 is upping multiple bonus rewards at 255% after 30 events. The increase means that bettors can receive even more value on their parlays bets. With the increase, bonuses during Happy Hours and Holiday promotions will be even higher.

The changes are effective as of May 2017 and is available to all sports bettors at PlanetWin365.

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PlanetWin365 Multiples Bonus Changes

PlanetWin365 awards sports bettors with generous multiple bonuses, which are extra bonuses awarded on parlays. Although parlay betting may not provide bettors with great value in general, betting parlays with PlanetWin365 makes sense given the extra value given to players.

To qualify for a PlanetWin365 Multiples Bonus, you will need to add 5 or more events to your betslip (this is an increase from 3 events previously). If all your events on your betslip win, your winnings will be multiplied by the bonus amount. Below you will find the new PlanetWin365 Multiples bonus schedule during standard promotion times.

PlanetWin365 New Multiple Bonus Schedule (May 2017)
5 events: +5% Bonus6 events: +10% Bonus7 events: +15% Bonus 8 events: +20% Bonus
9 events: +25% Bonus 10 events: +30% Bonus 11 events: +35% Bonus 12 events: +40% Bonus
13 events: +45% Bonus 14 events: +55% Bonus 15 events: +65% Bonus 16 events: +75% Bonus
17 events: +85% Bonus 18 events: +95% Bonus19 events: +105% Bonus 20 events: +115% Bonus
21 events: +125% Bonus 22 events: +135% Bonus23 events: +145% Bonus 24 events: +155% Bonus
25 events: +165% Bonus 26 events: +175% Bonus27 events: +195% Bonus 28 events: +215% Bonus
29 events: +235% Bonus 30 events: +255% Bonus

Note that only betting lines with odds higher than 1.15 can be used will count towards the PlanetWin365 Multiples promotion.

PlanetWin365 Happy Hour Multiples Bonuses Award Even More

Although Multiple Bonuses run 24/7 365 days a year, bettors can earn even more when placing bets during special “Happy Hours” periods each day. If you place your bets between 9:00 to 10:00 CET or 21:00 CET to 22:00 CET, you will earn even high rates when your multiples hit. These bonuses will cap at 275%.

PlanetWin365 New Multiple Bonus Schedule (Happy Hours)
5 events:6 events:7 events:8 events:
5% extra bonus10% extra bonus15% extra bonus20% extra bonus
9 events:10 events:11 events:12 events:
25% extra bonus30% extra bonus40% extra bonus50% extra bonus
13 events:14 events:15 events:16 events:
60% extra bonus70% extra bonus80% extra bonus90% extra bonus
17 events:18 events:19 events:20 events:
100% extra bonus110% extra bonus120% extra bonus130% extra bonus
21 events:22 events:23 events:24 events:
140% extra bonus150% extra bonus160% extra bonus170% extra bonus
25 events:26 events:27 events:28 events:
180% extra bonus190% extra bonus210% extra bonus230% extra bonus
29 events:30 events:
250% extra bonus275% extra bonus

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