PlanetWin365 Inks Italian Betting Shops Partnership


SKS365 Group, parent company of the PlanetWin365 sportsbook has agreed to terms on a major contract with Pianeta Scommesse that would provide technology services to PlanetWin’s newly Italian betting shops.

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With 1,000 licensed betting shops, the deal will make PlanetWin the largest betting shop in Italy. The betting shops were legalized and regulated in February this year as part of Italy’s Stability Law.

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Background on the Deal

At the time SKS365 CEO Thomas Smallwood stated that the betting shops provided a significant opportunity for the company in the new Italian regulatory framework. Smallwood stated, “We have now finally been given a framework that makes it possible for us to serve Italian customers in a nationally regulated way. It is obviously a major investment from our side, which we believe is worthwhile seeing the great popularity of our product in Italy.”

Now that the deal has been inked, Pianeta Scommesse will provide the company with technology that will supply PlanetWin365 to connect to the systems of Italian regulator AMD. Pianeta Scommesse will provide a “gaming platform which is specifically designed for all ADM-approved products and bet types.” Pianeta Scommesse, which was founded in 2001, is a subsidiary of renowned software provider, Microgame which acquired them in 2010.

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Reaction to the Pianeta Scommesse Deal

Both parties were naturally very pleased with the deal. Rosa Di Leva, who is managing director of Pianeta Scommesse looks forward to the new relationship. “The partnership with a leading international operator like SKS365 Group is a source of great pride for our company.”

PlanetWin365 CEO Thomas Smallwood is optimistic about how the two companies can work together within the Italian framework. “The partnership with a leading international operator like SKS365 Group is a source of great pride for our company.”

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“We believe in the people at Pianeta Scommesse as much as we believe in the quality of their products and their high service standards. We are convinced that our expertise in sports betting together with the professional and technical resources of the Microgame group ensures that we will continue to offer an unrivaled, versatile sportsbook and maximize customer value within the Italian regulations.”

Smallwood believes that the partnership will allow Planetwin365 to put greater emphasis on areas where they are strongest. “With Pianeta Scommesse taking care of the technical aspects, we can focus on our sportsbook and the customers and together we will once again bring a fresh breeze of innovation and value to the market.”

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