Fun Bonus Allows Players to Play Poker for Free Poker Gratis Bonus

It’s been a good six months for the PlanetWin365 Italian poker room and there many reasons to give this growing poker room a longer look.

For players that are looking to play at poker, but don’t have the money available to deposit, you might want try playing PlanetWin365 poker for free through with the €5 poker gratis bonus.

Who is Eligible for Poker Gratis Bonus

There are two different ways that you can qualify to receive a free bonus. The easiest way to be eligible is if you have activated your game account within the previous 60 days.

In addition, players that have 2 FPP during the previous 24 hour period prior to the start of the promotion period will receive a €5 virtual credit to your bonus balance.

How the PlanetWin365 Italy Fun Bonus is Earned

If you meet one of the above criteria and log-in to the cash tables from 18:00 to 19:00 Italian time , you will be credited with a €5 virtual credit.

Once your bonus has been credited, you will be able to use your free bonus by sitting down at “Fun Bonus” tables that are located with the other No Limit Hold’em cash games.

The fun bonus tables have betting limits of 0.02/0.05 and will be available every day from 18:00 to 20:00 each day.

After playing with the Fun Bonus 15x, you will be lifted from the table. Any amount that you have in your account will be converted to cash once the wager requirement has been met. The maximum bonus that you can receive is €10 and will be credited to your Cash Bonus balance.

Once the 2 hour happy hour period has been closed, any unused balances will be cleared.