PlanetWin 365 Receives 1001 Italian Licenses

The SKS365 Group has significantly improved its market position in Europe with the announcement of the approval of 1001 PlanetWin 365 Italian licenses to operate retail betting shops in Italy. If SKS365 fully utilizes all of licenses they have obtained they would become the largest betting shop in Italy.

Prior to the license approval, SKS365 had been mired in legal squabbles with Italian regulators, AAMS, for much of the last couple years, but had worked out the outstanding issues in recent months. These negotiations carved the path for SKS365 Group to obtain a license to operate in the lucrative Italian brick and mortar space.

There are some concerns about how PlanetWin365 can penetrate the competitive Italian market but Thomas Smallwood, CEO of SKS365, doesn’t seem concerned. Smallwood said he is confident that the quality of the product and brand position of PlanetWin365 will allow it to succeed within the new Italian regulatory framework that will go into effect sometime in 2016.

We see these new circumstances as a big opportunity for Italy and for us as a company. We have now finally been given a framework that makes it possible for us to serve Italian customers in a nationally regulated way. It is obviously a major investment from our side, which we believe is worthwhile seeing the great popularity of our product in Italy.

In addition to PlanetWin 365’s new retail presence, SKS365 also has plans to launch an .it online sports betting website.

Now that SKS365 has made a big splash in Italy, there is no indication that the Vienna, Austrian-based company has plans to settle down.

In December, SKS365 made news with its application of a Spanish license for PlanetWin365. The application is for a general license in the categories of betting and additional games. Upon approval, the company thinks it will be able to carve a niche with its highly acclaimed proprietary sportsbook. Smallwood said the company is hoping for a launch sometime in the first half of 2015.

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About the SKS365 Group

SKS365 is the parent company of the PlanetWin 365 brand, which is home to over 1 million registered users and is one of the fastest growing gaming companies in Europe. PlanetWin365 operates an online sportsbook, poker room and casino. Established in 2009, SKS also owns and operates the Live365 Radio and MyScore365. Live365 Radio is a live radio station catering to sports enthusiasts and fans of rock music while MyScore365 is a tool that provides “enthusiasts” a resource of live scores, statistics and other sports information such as live commentaries, news and odds.

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