Top 10 Video Poker Games at the PlanetWin365 Casino

PlanetWin365 Casino Video Poker Top Games

Video poker is arguably one of the more fun games to play online. And with immersive graphics, fast game play and a great playing experience, it’s no wonder why the games are such a favorite with players.

Nearly 100 different types of video poker games are available at the PlanetWin365 casino from a variety of software providers, meaning there is more than enough video poker to appeal to any fan of the game.

To separate the best games from the rest, we thought would we give you a list of the top 10 video poker games on the PlanetWin365 casino as voted by users like you.

A List of the Top 10 PlanetWin365 Video Poker Games

Below is a list of the top PlanetWin365 video poker games available in the “Casino Pro” section in the PlanetWin Casino. Nine of the top ten are available from top software provider Espresso.

1) Joker Poker – With 341 votes, by far the most popular video poker game at the PlanetWin365 casino is Espresso’s Joker Poker. As the name suggests, a Joker is used and serves as a wild card. This game is available for play on phones and tablets in the mobile casino.

2) All American – Coming in with 189 votes, All American is a game that features a standard 52 card deck without jokers or any wild. All American is a game that can be played on mobile devices.

3) 4h Deuces Wild – Deuces are a wild card in 4h Deuces Wild, which earned 77 favorite points. The “4h” comes from the fact that up to four hands can be played at one time. 4h Deuces Wild is not available on mobile devices.

4) 25h Deuces Wild – Another Deuces Wild game that instead of offering 4 hands of play at one time allows players to participate in up to 25 hands simultaneously. Not for the faint of heart, this game is great if you love the constant action. The game is not available on the PlanetWin365 mobile casino.

5) Jacks or Better – PlanetWin365’s Jacks or Better is the 5th most popular game with 72 votes. At this popular game, you are paid on pair of Jacks or higher in addition to a standard pay schedule. After you win a hand you will be able be given the option of increasing your winnings through the Double Bonus or Hi-Lo Bonus side game. Jacks or Better is available on mobile devices.

6) 4h Jacks or Better – Next up on the list with 59 votes is the 4h hand version of Jacks or Better which allow PlanetWin casino players to play up to 4 hands at one time. Like other multi-hand games, 4h Jacks or Better is not available on mobile.

7) 4h All American – A standard video poker game, All American has no wild cards or bonus games. You can play up to 4 hands at one time on this version of All American, which is not available on mobile.

8) 25h All American – Next up is the 25 hand version of All American. This game is also not available in the mobile casino.

9) Double Joker – With 50 votes, Double Joker Poker is a popular video poker game from PlaysOn. Featuring 2 Jokers in addition to a 52 card deck, Jokers are wild and will substitute for any card. Double Joker Poker is available on mobile devices.

10) Deuces Wild – Rounding out the top 10 with 47 votes is Deuces Wild. Another Espresso game, all 2s in the deck can be substituted for any other card. You can find Deuces Wild on mobile devices.

Finding the Top PlanetWin365 Video Poker Game

You can find all of PlanetWin365’s casino games in the “Casino Pro” in the main PlanetWin casino. To find the full selection of PlanetWin365 video poker games, go to the “video poker” tab and then sort by “Favorites” to find the most popular games at the PlanetWin365 casino.