Using Raked Hands to Enter PlanetWin365 Freerolls


PlanetWin365 poker players who play the real money tables earn extra value that they may not even be aware of. Indeed, players that earn raked hands are eligible to participate in up to €380 in freerolls each and every day. It’s called the Daily Raked Hand Cash Challenge and all players can participate.

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Daily Raked Hand Challenge Details

There are three separate freerolls that players can qualify through the Daily Raked Hand Cash Challenge. Each one of the freerolls has slightly different requirements, with the larger PlanetWin365 freerolls not only requiring that you play more raked hands but also that you play at higher stakes.

  • €30 Freeroll 30RH Cash Challenge – Play 30 raked hands at NL5 and above to get access
  • €100 Freeroll 50RH Lucky Hand – Play 50 raked hands at NL10 and above to get access
  • €250 Freeroll 100RH Lucky Hand – Play 100 raked hands at NL25 and above to get access

To maximize your value, you can play at NL 25 and above to earn raked hands towards all three freerolls. Only raked hands for the last 24 hours will be considered and any excess raked hands will not be applied to future freerolls. Note that for the purpose of this promotion that heads-up tables are excluded for the counts.

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What is a Raked Hand?

To understand a raked hand, you must first understand rake. When you play poker, the poker room running the games takes a small fee from the game (usually around 5%-10%) for running the game. It comes out of each pot that reaches certain levels. You can can view the PlanetWin rake schedule here.

A raked hand is defined as any hand where there is rake taken and you have contributed money in the pot. A contribution can be any blind or called bet. If you contributed to the size of the pot and the pot reaches the rake threshold, you will be given credit for a raked hand.

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