Accessing the 2016 Olympic Medal Table


One of the most interesting things to following during each Olympic games is the medal count, which every four years lists the number of medals won by each country. It’s a point of pride for top countries as it represents a country’s athletic prowess overall.

This year’s Olympics will give away over 900 medals in 300 plus events across 28 sports. For Olympic sports bettors, it’s a great way to bet on the 2016 Olympics without much complication.

In fact, if you’re going to bet on one thing this Olympics, medal count is probably a good place to start. And best of all, you can follow the Olympics for two weeks (August 5th to August 21st) and have something on the line the entire time.

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A Look at Past Olympic Medal Dominance

During the 2012 Olympics, the United States led the way with 103 total medals — not to mention its 46 gold medals). China followed closely behind with 88 medals (38 gold) while Great Britain took home 65 medals. A total of 85 countries earned at least one medal with 54 receiving a gold medal.

Four years prior in the 2008 Summer Olympics, United States was at the top of the medal table followed closely by China and Russia with 110, 100 and 73 medals earned respectively. Despite coming up short on total medals, China did finish with the most gold medals with 51 to the United States’ 36.

When looking at the all-time Summer Olympic medal winnings, many of the same countries sit the top of the standings. The United States leads all countries with 2399 medals, followed by the Soviet Union with 1010 and Great Britain with 780.

Overall 2016 Olympic Medal Odds

With 206 countries competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio, which one is favored to win the most gold medals??

Bookmakers aren’t expecting much change for the 2016 Olympic games. The Unibet sportsbook currently has the United States as an overwhelming 1.15 favorite followed by China at 5.00. All other countries are all currently listed longshots. This includes host country Brazil at 76.00.

A full list of gold medal count odds that you will find on the Unibet sportsbook are below:

United States: 1.15
China: 5.00
Great Britain: 41.00
Austrailia: 67.00
Germany: 67.00
Russia: 67.00
Brazil: 76.00
France: 76.00
Japan: 76.00
Kenya: 76.00
Korea: 101.00
Netherlands: 101.00
Hungary: 151.00
Italy: 151.00
Spain: 151.00
Denmark: 251.00
Poland: 251.00
Sweden: 301.00
Romania: 401.00
Finland: 751.00
Norway: 751.00

Should a tie occur, the winner will be decided by the country with the most silver medals, followed by Bronze medals.

In addition to betting on the Olympic medal odds at Unibet, punters can also place bets on the number of gold medals and the total number of medals each country will earn throughout the Olympics.

All medal wagers can be found under “Medal Specials” in the “Olympic Games” section of the Unibet sportsbook.

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Where to Monitor Medal Counts

These days monitoring the official Olympic medal count is very easy. Google provide quick access with an “Olympic medal count” search. NBC and Wiki usually have pretty accurate official counts as well.