Unibet Poker Deals 100 Million Hands

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Developed by Relax Gaming, Unibet’s poker room caters specifically to a rising niche in the poker playing world – that of recreational or hobby poker players who may not be die hard loyalists but who love a game or two of poker every now and then. That is not to say that poker lovers have nothing to interest them here. For if reports are to be believed, Unibet is doing much better than expected with their stand alone poker room and the profits that they posted for their third quarter of 2014 show a 17.6% increase from the half-year margin and of course Unibet Poker deals 100 million hands.

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Special promotions and rewards to mark the day
Now that they have a firm footing in the market, Unibet is hoping to expand on its new-found fame. The casino announced a special promotion for poker players a few days ago which is set to include special cash prizes for every 100,000th hand. The size of the award would depend on various factors, such as whether the player was just sitting in or had already won the hand, and the number of flops played at the table by the gamer before he reached the milestone. If the gambler is playing for high stakes then the reward also increases accordingly.

Unibet 100 Millionth Hand Promotion

When Unibet Poker deals the 100th millionth hand can possibly go home with an award of €1,000,000 if the player is lucky enough to turn up a royal flush as his winning hand. This may be really hard to achieve but an extra €10,000 just for having a high card is worth the effort, don’t you think! To know more about Unibet’s special promotions visit